Ananda Unconditional

Ananda or love is the purest form of energy that dwells in every human and every
living thing in nature. Unconditional love is something we get only from our Mother. At
Ananda Unconditional we look forward to delivering this same unconditional love to
everyone through Bach Flower Remedies, Coaching, Counseling and Yoga. 

Our founder Vishal Sukhatankar has this sole motive of spreading love and joy in
everyone’s life through mediums known to him. In today’s world we definitely need to
go back to our roots and find the peace which we seek in the outer world. At Ananda
Unconditional we pledge to deliver this peace and this happiness to everyone who is
committed to receiving it.



Bach Flower Therapy

Our lives are not determined by the genes we inherit in the lottery of life. Our thoughts and emotions, too, play a vital role.


Yoga is derived from an ancient Sanskrit word “Yuj” which means to unite or join.

Life Coaching & Counseling

To help you move forward and set personal and professional goals for a better life.


Health is real wealth

Health is not just the physical aspect that we look in our day to day lives, when we say health it includes physical, mental as well as emotional health. When all the three aspects are in balance we will experience good health in its truest sense.

At Ananda Unconditional we have designed unique Bach Flower Remedy composites which take into consideration different aspects of mental and emotional health. These composites are beneficial to individuals undergoing unique life situations.

What my clients
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