Bach Flower Remedies their relevance in the modern times.

IMPATIENS Well I was not impatient to write the spelling incorrectly, it is IMPATIENS and it treats the IMPATIENCE in us.Bach Flowers have had such a deep impact in my life, so much so that even in day to day things I try to see remedies and today I am going to share one such observation about the IMPATIENS remedy.The other day I was driving from my place to my father’s, the traffic as usual in Mumbai, and suddenly as if someone said to me in my ears “Impatiens!” I looked around and looked at myself and that moment was full of Impatiens.I was in an impatient rush to reach my destination, even when there was no scheduled meeting or consultation, the bikers were in impatient rush to go ahead of the cars and rush as soon as they see the green signal, the other cars were in an impatient rush to cross the zebra crossing before the signal could turn red, even when the signal was yellow (which actually means to slow down, but we speed even more before it turns red), the people who were on foot were in a rush to cross the road, gambling their way in between speeding cars.What’s the rush? We want to reach a destination for some work and then rather than doing that work we are thinking of rushing back somewhere else. We desperately want to go to a famous restaurant, when we finally reach there we eat the food as if that’s the last plate that hotel would be serving. I see this as a collective energy, we all are in some rush. Thus, the cases of shooting blood pressure, migraine, vertigo, ADHD etc. are on a rise. I realized we attract what we dwell in, I am an impatient driver and want to reach my destination at the earliest, and believe me I come across drivers who are even more impatient than me. The moment I have realized that the impatience is in me and took care of it with remedies, I am living my life! Benefits? I am more at peace, I don’t rush anymore, I don’t get agitated because someone else is going slow, all in all I am in a better mental space and which keeps me in a better physical space.Are there any such instances in your life you want to share with the group? If yes, then please share the stories of how you have overcome some emotions or behavior patterns with the help of BFR.With deep gratitude to Dr.Edward Bach!

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