I always ask this question in my workshop to all the participants, “what do you think is the emotion closest to God Consciousness?” The answer I always get is Love, Peace etc…To their surprise when the image shown below is shown to them, they all see Gratitude to be on top of the list closest to God Consciousness. The fun part is, they all resonate to it and say “Yes, actually gratitude does feel like we are very close to the God Consciousness”.This post is a by-product of some events which made me even more Grateful for what I have in life.One fine morning I was sitting and having a chat with my father and he usually gets up before me. He said, “Vishal, do you know every morning I see one guy on the street carrying an aluminium box on his shoulders, there is some food item that he sells and he collects cash worth 10-20 Indian rupees (Not even 30 cents) per serving” to which I said “Oh! really?” He said, “I don’t know what he sells could not recognise but I see he has few buyers in your lane” To this dialogue I started to have an internal conversation “Just a box filled with some food item… 10-20 rupees a serving… few buyers in the lane… God this guy works so hard and at the end of the day he must be earning peanuts”. At this point my heart sank! And I felt so grateful that Existence has given us so much and we fail to acknowledge that. I prayed for that man to have a better life moving forward and ever since that day there has been a Gratitude filter on my eyes.We will have time to blame people around, the different systems of Municipality, the Government, even God for not doing/giving us what we are looking out for.But we hardly take out time to acknowledge, be grateful, for all that has already been done or served to us on a platter. When we ingest Bach Remedies, we get picked up from lower vibratory emotions like fear, anger, resentment, anger, jealousy and transported to higher vibratory states like Joy, Love, Peace, Gratitude and so on because the Bach Flower Remedies are positive vibrations… and this is why we heal, even physically.Just Imagine if everyday we consciously dwell in the emotion of Gratitude how immensely it would help us!!A few Bach Remedies that would help you to be thankful are Willow, Holly, Chicory, Gentian and Heather. Group members can identify some others.

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