Have we made any difference really?This thought came to me last night as I finished my night meditation session, “Has anything changed?”Scenario before Corona and the lockdown:We get up, get fresh, have our breakfast and get ready to go to work. Whatever our professional calling is, we finish those duties and come back home, feel tired, eat food, watch TV, criticize the government or anyone who we do not like (Rather anyone who does not fit into our frame of being an ideal person) and we go to sleep again… and the same cycle continues.Scenario after Corona and during lockdown:We get up (mostly late) do whatever work from home is as of now, get going with our daily chores of cleaning the house and making food and cleaning utensils etc. We eat, sleep, watch TV, again blame the government or anyone who we don’t like for being the way they are and how we are the best!So, if you look at both the scenarios, nothing has really changed, only our physical work location and that’s about it. What are we happy about? ” Yes! I learned to cook this lockdown??”, ” How am I able to manage both my house and work without any domestic help??”, “How can I make a cake within 2 minutes without an oven and without any flour?” Are these really achievements that we should be proud of?The virus out there is not here to teach us these things, it is here to tell us that we have done enough bad and since none of you can do it, I am going to do it viz. cleaning the bad out there.What is the bad out there? The bad out there is not out there, it is within us!!Anger, Hatred, Greed, Jealousy, Vengeance, Sorrow, Loneliness
Rape, Murder, Bribe, Scandal, Poverty, Weak health, Depression, Violence… 
How does it feel to read these words? The fact is we have created all of this, we are the creators! Not God, not politicians, not the accused but WE!Can we all now understand that if we can control all our negatives inside us, the negatives outside will be controlled? It is not one man or women that needs to change, we all collectively need to make this our goal to change who we are, rather to become who we really are, Love, Happiness, Peace, Joy, Support, Encourage, Listen, Bliss, Health, Abundant, Righteous, Brave, Strong. This is what the Virus is here to teach us, to live in Love and harmony with each other, to help the ones in need and to support the weak. To fight when there is wrong and to appreciate when there is something right. To be really humble and full of gratitude. To understand that when the other grows (emotionally, financially, spiritually) we grow with them.Give what you want in life, give love, give abundant love, give a helping hand to someone and you shall receive help during your times of need, give food and clothing to the needy (without the “I” who is giving feeling) and receive much more food and clothing to share with many… WE NEED TO LEARN TO GIVE! ENOUGH OF GREED!Believe me when I am saying it is time to change, I am nowhere referring to our physical appearance, it is our soul self that I am referring to. Our thought processes our emotions and our behaviours. This article is not to prove a point that I am the best and I am a completely changed man! This is to tell you all that I also have my negatives and I have started the change from my side, are you all willing to walk that path with me and make this a better world to live in?

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