A very common and largely used phrase by myself. The story in the image has inspired me to write this article. By now, this phrase has become my life, I live by it day in and day out and I can GURANTEE you all if we look at life through this lens you will have a smoother ride.

As the story narrates that anger is within us but something from outside triggers it, it is not the outside to be blamed, but what lies within. We attract life happenings and people in our life depending on what we nurture within us.

I fondly call it ‘Soul to Soul’ communication. This might have happened to you, while travelling in a mode of public transport, you feel uneasy sitting next to the person on your adjacent seat. You either change your seat or don’t even mind standing. This may be a person of the same sex or opposite sex, irrespective of that you just feel like moving out of that energy zone. What is that? You can call it gut feel, intuition or whatever you wish to call. For me its Soul to Soul communication.

There is one form of communication which we all do, the more visible or audible one which is depicted by talking or body language. It can so happen that I may speak very highly about you in your presence and the moment you leave I start to bad mouth about you, if you are sensitive enough, you will sense it without even actually seeing me do it or hearing what I said.

Now this was a one-time scenario, but do you know that we constantly communicate with people and nature around us? Allow me to explain this in further detail.

Once my father, Atul Ramkrishna Sukhatankar told me this story… There was a well-known singer few years ago, and dad was not a great fan of his singing, however the singer was very well known and famous during those days. As Dad was travelling in a cab with his friend, he sees this huge bill board about this Singer’s next concert. Looking at that he exclaimed “Why is he so famous? Is he even a good singer?” to this his friend, who was an IT engineer replied “I have no education about music so I won’t be able to tell you whether he is a good singer or not, however, I can tell you one thing for sure that deep down in his subconscious mind he believes that he is an excellent entertainer.”

When this singer used to perform, the first thing one would notice was his shimmery and bright colored clothes…that itself will uplift your mood, he had a vicious smile, when you look at him smiling and performing you are bound to have that smile borne on your face… He had some catchy hook steps to his songs, which made you dance to his tunes… All in all the goal of being entertained and feeling happy was achieved. The friend said “ Even if he may not be a great singer technically, still people love the performance and are open to let go off his imperfection in singing”

This shows us how our internal thought, belief system and perceptions will curate the external for us. If your communication to the world is of a Centaury “I am not important, you are, I am here to help/serve you all” you are bound to get people in your life who will take you for granted, you will be always made to toil hard yet no appreciation will be received, and so on…

Whereas if you transform that to a positive belief system “I am here to help, but with health boundaries, I am important as well” you shall see a drastic change in your external experiences. Suddenly you will see people appreciating you not for the work you do, but for the person you are, you will have healthy relationships at home and at work as well.

So be very aware of what your soul speaks or communicates with other souls around you. Again, what you say does not matter, what you feel from within is most important, outside you may portray as a bold and unfearing person, but if internally you are scared than you are going to get such experiences in life.

This is where Bach Flower Remedies play a vital role, they help us improve our communication to a positive one, hence we don’t look at Bach Remedies as mere medicines for our physical problems, they are transformational remedies.

More joy and success to all!

Gratitude to Dr. Edward Bach.

Be blessed.

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