When we hear the word ‘Addictions’ the first thing that strikes us is Alcohol, Cigarettes and Drugs! So true, a research shows around 15.8 million children aged between 10 and 17 years are addicted to substance in India.
However there is another major addiction type that is dwelling in the modern day society off late, viz. addition to gadgets. Post lock down a research showed about 65% children are addicted to screens and express anger and irritable behavior if asked to leave their screens may it be mobile devices or Computer/Laptop or Television.
Not only children, adults are also addicted to their screens, studies show 40-45% adults are addicted to mobile phones. Digital Intoxication is on a rise! An important reason why we are spending a lot of time online and less offline!
A few important remedies that can help in deaddiction are:
Walnut: It will help the person to transition or break the link from the habit of being glued to the screen. (Olive can also be added if the addiction is due to boredom)
Cherry Plum: To gain more control over his/her senses and not give in to the desire of watching the screen.
White Chestnut: For the repetitive behavior of picking up the phone or switching on the TV when idle, for the repeated thought of watching some content on the electronic device.
Along with these remedies, it is also important to understand the underlying emotional cause and add the remedies accordingly. The emotional causes could be lack of motivation in life, trauma, loneliness and many more… so the remedies to cater such emotions plus the above mentioned would form a helpful deaddiction remedy.
Have you helped anyone in addiction cases? Do any other remedies come to your mind?

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