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  • anandaunconditional
    Bach Therapy is based on one’s consciousness. Though in the process of what is generally referred to as the onion peeling effect, you finally arrive at the same conclusion, yet the tentacles of consciousness grow differently for different people. Depends on what choices they make…or what strategy they adopt in any given life situation.Let me explain it with an example. Suppose there is a kid who develops a feeling that he is no good. It could
  • anandaunconditional
    IMPATIENS Well I was not impatient to write the spelling incorrectly, it is IMPATIENS and it treats the IMPATIENCE in us.Bach Flowers have had such a deep impact in my life, so much so that even in day to day things I try to see remedies and today I am going to share one such observation about the IMPATIENS remedy.The other day I was driving from my place to my father’s, the traffic as usual
    Have we made any difference really?This thought came to me last night as I finished my night meditation session, “Has anything changed?”Scenario before Corona and the lockdown:We get up, get fresh, have our breakfast and get ready to go to work. Whatever our professional calling is, we finish those duties and come back home, feel tired, eat food, watch TV, criticize the government or anyone who we do not like (Rather anyone who does not
  • anandaunconditional
    You may well wonder why we choose to eat when we are emotionally disturbed or do not feel comfortable facing certain emotions in our life? So did I. After some introspection, it came to light that one of the main reasons could just be… because our mind is trained to avoid whatever disturbs it. ‘Avoid, what you dislike’ seems to be an in-built command.We avoid people whom we do not like, avoid foods that do
  • Gratitude-and-happiness
    I always ask this question in my workshop to all the participants, “what do you think is the emotion closest to God Consciousness?” The answer I always get is Love, Peace etc…To their surprise when the image shown below is shown to them, they all see Gratitude to be on top of the list closest to God Consciousness. The fun part is, they all resonate to it and say “Yes, actually gratitude does feel like

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