Core Connect


Core is the centre of our being. It is the hub of all energies. A place where 72,000 nadis or subtle energy currents converge to boost us up…to aspire and achieve.

But when the same core gets defiled with dense, dark energies and negative thoughts and emotions, our mind-body mechanism becomes dull, listless and lazy. Anxiety, procrastination and mood-swings set in. The body becomes prone to attracting different diseases.

The Core Connect remedy reverses all this. Thru a core cleanse, it boosts our energy, brings in sunshine-clarity and allows us to connect and vibe with the Universe in an empowering and enriching manner. Allowing for a life of numerous joys and possibilities.


How to use Core Connect?

On every bottle the time is mentioned.

There are a total of 6 doses in a day.

Bottle no.1 to be taken at 7am and 7pm. No.2 at 10am and 10pm. No.3 at 1pm and no.4 at 4pm.

6 globules to be taken each time.


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